Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Season's opener : Miami - Chicago

Well, the season has started in spectacular fashion. The reigning world champions Miami Heat suffered a devastating loss against the Chicago Bulls. After getting their championship rings in a pre-game ceremony, the Bulls blew out the Heat and won with a difference of 42 points, wich is the greatest loss a champion ever endured on opening night.

Now, while the difference in points is a big surprise, the win of the Bulls certainly isn't. With the signing of Ben Wallace, Chicago changed from a good first round playoff team into a title contender. The presence of Wallace will ignite the defence of the Bulls while their offence can rely on their backcourt where players such as Hinrich, Duhon andGordon can score points in a bunch.
I expect great things from Chicago. They certainly must reach the second round of the play-offs and from that point on everything is possible.

For the Miami Heat, this loss puts them back with their feet on the ground. They now know that this season will become much more difficult than last season because playing against the champ will motivate each opponent. But if Shaq and Wade stay healthy, I see them again playing in the Eastern conference finals and who knows, maybe their opponent will be Chicago...


Ive said...

Match live gezien, verschil was vrij duidelijk. Buiten Mourning kwam er niks van de bank bij Miami, Chicago had in de eerste helft al zijn twaalf spelers gebruikt. En bijna allemaal maakten ze een uitstekende indruk.

mafel said...

ik heb er nu twee matchen van gezien en ze hebben zich wel herpakt.
Wade speelt schitterend en payton gooit vlot driepunters.

alleen moeten ze toch is minder met Walker spelen want die zorgt ervoor dat ze slecht spelen.